Robert is an experienced online marketing specialist with a varied background and a solid technical profile, which makes him a versatile yet equally effective asset in small and big organizations [...]


I have worked with Robert since 2010 with SEO and digital marketing. We ran iGoMoon, a Digital Agency together (2012-2014) and we have continued to work together in customer projects since. [...]


It was a pleasure working with Rob at SchoolApply. During this time, we worked together on multiple feature implementations related to SEO. Rob was instrumental in providing the required guidance [...]


  • I've had the pleasure to work in the same team as Rob for over a year. His knowledge about SEO is definitely huge and he has taught me basically everything I know about SEO. Rob is very dedicated, passionate and he always takes the time to teach and explain to other people in his team. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a great asset in their team and a talented person that will make an impact.

    Hanna Suomalainen Hi-Roy
  • I have worked with Robert on our project to launch an iGaming audience platform. Roberts past experience working with igaming companies was very helpful and he gave us valuable insights about keywords, structure for landing pages and support during the launch of the website. He is very professional and easy to work with.

    Nadinne Witenheim Delta Projects
  • Rob’s many years of specialising in SEO has really been a huge asset in the launch of SchoolApply’s service by implementing an international SEO strategy and rollout of multiple domains across tier1 markets in a highly competitive vertical education. Rob is and will be my go to person when it comes to SEO and I would recommend his skill set to everyone!

    Alex Macura SchoolApply